Tuesday, August 31

equinimity trees

image courtesy Julie Patterson : Cloth
I adore these serene little paintings from Julie Patterson, the woman behind Cloth. They inspire me to rustle through my pile of weathered canoe planks and whip out a few sketches.  I'm not much of a painter - my AAA husband takes that title - but I could attempt a line drawing of a coconut or pandanas tree...

"These small detailed little blocks are paintings of an imaginary tree I think of and feel like when I sit and meditate. They are painted onto timber door offcuts that a friend gave me before she moved over to Perth. The soft green is the undercoat that the door was already painted. I make these trees in small batches. They are very calming things to paint." Julie Patterson
For many Australians and textile fiends, Cloth needs no introduction, however if you live in Alaska or are new to this arty stuff, check out her website.  All of the products are made by hand in Sydney, working primarily with industrial hemp, linen, organic cotton and jute.  
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