Monday, August 16


Mum, what are you doing?  Dad, what’s that for?  Mum ... what’s that mum?

Since I first realized I existed in this wonderful world, I have been endlessly inquisitive, and some would say hopelessly interested, about numerous unrelated subjects.  Trying to confine me is like strapping a two year old to a chair – it creates havoc, even despair. 

Starting a new blog is at once daunting and thrilling.  Treacle for Stickybeaks is a place for wild imaginings and musings, a bucket to hold my curiosity, and a frame to share what captures my focus and ignites my spirit.  It has been warming the bench for some time, waiting for its moment to join the band of talented bloggers whom inspire, entertain and amuse.

Through Treacle for Stickybeaks I hope to share the words and pictures that make my life more abundant, vibrant and meaningful.  As I stumble through happiness, I will post observations and moments, often candid and unguarded, which show everyday beauty and the colour of life.  I also wish to support emerging and established artist and craftspeople, and provide a portal to communicate creativity and succulence. 

It’s all about things and stuff and treacle for stickybeaks.  Please join me with an appetite for discovery and a big spoon.

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