Wednesday, September 1

hati hati ada proyek

The Indonesian road work sign declares "hati hati ada proyek" - be careful there is a project.  I need one of these permanently displayed to warn visitors of the multiple assignments underway in every corner of the house and yard.  One of my current follies is a radiating sun driftwood mirror number.  Then there is the canoe patchwork wall sculpture, the seedpod abacus hanging, the plywood pigeon holes for my studio, and the Andy Goldsworthy inspired driftwood ring sculpture.   Two of these projects were started last year and are quietly weathering the seasons, gaining character and decay.  Perhaps they will disappear if I leave them long enough?

Others may think I lack focus, lose interest easily or even have an attention deficit issue! Well, what they think about me is none of my business.  I am like a bee, buzzing from one flower to the next, collecting the precious nectar of excitement as I come around to each project again.  Like a plate-spinner, I keep them all in the air, giving each project a little nudge forward, a little twirl, and if I lose interest and don't finish, who cares?  I got what a came for.

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