Sunday, September 26

kuala lumpur visa run

Every six months we have to leave Indonesia to apply for a new visa.  The last two years we have been to Singapore, so for something different we made a quick trip to KL.  Bus, ferry, plane, taxi, plane, bus, monorail, taxi, bus, plane, taxi, plane, ferry, bus...and here we go round the mulberry bush. 

 Can't say I'll be rushing back for the air quality, green spaces or solitude.  It is great if you like shopping malls, high rise buildings in various states of decay, polyester head scarves and the glitz of the former tallest buildings in the world.  I am however, most partial to a cheap curry and frothy cup of chai from a street vendor. We stayed at the Tune Hotel; cheap, cheerful, quiet and central.  Is it one of Air Asia's new "transit hotels" that are small in room size, but off excellent value, security, and super comfortable beds.


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