Wednesday, October 27

feffakookan : mel robson ceramics

I have a soft spot for ceramics and each year on our wedding anniversary I buy a small piece for my infant collection.  This year we were in Melbourne and I welcomed into my life a beaker made by Tara Shackell, purchased at Craft Victoria.

The first piece to grace my home was a bright red raku fired bowl by Fremantle artist,  Njalikwa Chongwe.  I saved up tip money from a whole summer of waitressing, and visited my bowl in the gallery often to stroke its smooth belly and whisper that I would be back.  I took it into my possession and it was so happy in our entry hall, with pride of place on the sideboard, high above the concrete floor...then in a tragic display of darling husband knocked it.  I somehow managed to move on through the pain; Tom is still suffering.

 At the top of my wish list is a bowl or four by Brisbane ceramic artist Mel Robson, who's whimsical and  delicate pieces are imbued with her fingerprints, sketches and handwriting.

I share her obsession for maps, recipes and text, and the combination of these and fine porcelain makes me giddy with joy and desire. 

See more of her work, thoughts, and creative process on her beautiful blog, feffakookan.

All images courtesy Mel Robson
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