Friday, October 1

inside out

My all time favourite design magazine is Inside Out - "inspiring homes with heart."  It is in its tenth year and I have been a subscriber since the first issue.  They take up prime position  in my shed in Australia and I regularly refer to past issues for ideas, product info and architectural porn.  My mum dutifully collects each magazine from my mailbox and forwards it to a friend on the Gold Coast who brings them over on his regular jaunts to Indo.  I may receive them a month or two late, but the joy of pouring over every word and image is worth the wait. At first I do the "flick" to get an overall feel for the features, eager to devour the visual stimulation.  Then I make a cuppa and sit down for the extended read.  Later there will be a second read, and a third, and with plenty of time, but precious few magazines, I even find myself reading the fine print in the adverts.  Finally I get the scissors out and cut and paste into my sketchbook my favourite shots, note down websites to visit and paint colours to catalogue.  

They also have a blog here, where the staff reveal their favourite things.

My dream is to shoot a feature for Inside Out, so if any of the staffers are out there, or if someone knows someone who knows someone...I'm ready and willing.

Long live Inside Out.
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