Thursday, October 14

island expat architecture : why not villa

Who lives here?  Charlie, retired chef and restaurateur, with regular visits from his lively wife Heather
Nationality : Australian

When not here : overlooking Byron Bay, NSW
First visit : an early Indo pioneer, back when love was free and days were long - or should that be love was long and days were free?
House built : 2008
Famous for : a garlic babaganoush dip that will blow your head off, growing enormous papaya trees, and amassing large numbers of long haul frequent flyer points
Why not?  Charlie's sons run the Why Not cafe in Byron Bay, his canoe is emblazoned with Why Not? and so the house became the Why Not Villa.  I asked him if he was trying to live up to Richard Branson and the Virgin brand, and is there a Why Not cola in the pipeline?  Why not?

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