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meet the artist : hildi teigland-guiney

Hildegunn Teigland-Guiney has been creating unique jewellery for six years, over which time her style has evolved and integrated many materials.  What began as a way to entertain herself on long, languid days in the tropical heat, has grown into a passion and talent, with customers from all over the world buying directly from her studio, an open, airy space with uninterrupted ocean views.  Shells and found objects were the focus of her early work, and still remain a feature of her island inspired collection, while gemstones, crystals and silver are more prominent in recent pieces.  Each item comes with a hand written explanation of the gemstone’s origin and qualities. I caught up with Hildi over tea and Toblerone at her house in Indonesia. 

Describe your art?  I don’t know if it is it art? Is it art?  One of a kind jewellery.

What inspires you?  Nature, my immediate surrounding and shells from the beach.

When are you most creative?  In the morning, between 8am and 10am, after coffee and my exercise routine.

What are you working on now?  The Norway winter collection, more silver and gemstones, less shells.  Simple and asymmetrical.

What puts you in the mood to create? Visual stimulation - I might see a picture in a magazine, or even have a dream that inspires me.  When I come back from a trip to Bali I am always fired up, and at the beginning of the season here, after a winter in London, I am really keen to create.  Having to clean the house before I unpack my studio is a real pain.

Describe your process.  I spend about half an hour thinking about the combinations of colours and materials, letting the stones or shells speak as the centrepiece of the design.  When I have a blend I am happy with I start threading.  The making can be as quick as half an hour or up to four days for complex pieces.

Where do you source your materials?  The gemstones, crystals, wires and tools I buy online when I am in London; the beads and silver I buy in Bali; shells and coral I pick up from the beaches around the island.

Are there any other artists you admire?  Salvador Dali, I love his colour combos.

What is your favourite time of the day? Sunset, when the pace of the day slows.

How would you describe your personal style?  I don’t know if I have one – bikinis?

What is the best thing about living here?  Being outside all day.

The best piece of advice you have received?  Follow your heart, from mum.

What are you..
cooking?  Pasta with fresh tomatoes and onion from the morning market.
reading? The Girl Who Played With Fire, Stieg Larsson
coveting? An ipad and pink champagne
listening to? Etta James
encouraging your husband to do? Surf
looking forward to?  Going home to Norway to see friends and family, and breathing cold, fresh air.

Thanks Hildi.  x

product photos courtesy of Hildi

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