Saturday, October 2

spring reverie

As the topical heat builds and it's humid weight slows me to a lethargic pace, I find myself daydreaming about the crisp spring mornings at home, the flush of growth and the clear sunny days.  Life for us is one long summer, and sometimes I miss the changes of season and the promise of the next.   This stunning page from the August issue of Australian Country Style makes me weak at the knees; I am so there in a my floral print dress and pink gumboots, crunching on a juicy apple and sipping an earl grey.

Spring is a special time in my mother-in-law's garden. Native, edible and decorative cottage plants thrive under a canopy of Japanese maple (acer palmatum), marri (eucalyptus calophyla) and peppermint (agonis flexuosa) trees. The show piece is a mass of white and mauve wisteria that drapes the pergola and creates a floral carpet on the front verandah. The perfect spot for a cuppa, the weekend paper and one of mum's addictive muesli biscuits. 

Lorraine's original mosaics feature throughout the garden, and add an element of colourful surprise among the foliage. The dog portrait was drawn by my niece and transposed onto a rusty plough disc, and the lizards are friends of those who frequent the undergrowth.

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