Tuesday, October 19

treacle tuesday : beachcombing

Like a walking meditation; slowly, slowly; stepping carefully, eyes scanning, stopping to bend down and select a treasure.  Latent potential along the high tide line; driftwood and shells, weathered greys, crisp whites, shocking pinks and orange.  Hours spent ruminating over nature's decorations, pocketing a little piece to take home, to extend the connection with sand and sea.  

"It astounds me when I think of the courage it takes to live, to behave as we want to behave, to be who we want to be.  The world is filled with those who would keep us from singing the songs we want to sing, painting the pictures we want to paint, skimming the stones we want to skim.  Whatever their reasons, they try to stifle the life force that makes us who we are, but we have this choice : we can empower them or we can empower ourselves."
                 Richard Bode from “Beachcombing at Miramar” pg 108

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