Tuesday, October 26

treacle tuesday : bunting

Bunting is making a comeback, at least in my realm of focus.  There are even DIY kits available for those that are creatively challenged.  There is something nifty about making your own decorations.  It harks back to winter days when Nana and I would make a room full of paper chains in preparation for Christmas.

The world is full of bunting when you start looking.  Beautiful bunting beyond the likes of car yards and race tracks.  Like this image from Natalija, a creative soul who recently settled into an enviable life in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. 

photo by Natalija Brunovs
The desire to cut paper triangles resurfaced in June when I sat buntingless and followed Pia Jane Bijkerk as she created a magic window display in an Amsterdam bookshop for the launch of her book, Amsterdam: Made by Hand.

photo by Pia Jane Bijkerk

photo by Pia's French boy
photo by Pia Jane Bijkerk
 Inspired, I dug out some "prayer flags" I made last year, remodeled them into triangles and behold, bunting.

On a roll,  I bought four packets of crepe paper from our little shop on the eve of my big B, cut out triangles and stapled them onto thick fishing line.  Not fancy, but very cheap. There wasn't many colours to choose from, so I went with the patriotic Indonesian flag colours.  Red and white ; brave and pure.

They looked splendid against the lontar leaf thatching in our neighbours open air hut. 
What's a party without decoration? 

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