Saturday, November 20

the eyes of youth : morgan maassen

Every so often a photographer's body of work pulls me closer to the screen and I start vocalising  exclamations of "wow" and "check this out".  I drag Tom away from his latest Twiddlebug project to have a look and listen to my lyrical praise.  This morning when I got up I had never hear of Morgan Maassen, a 20 year old surf photographer, with an impressive portfolio and list of clients to make me green.  

Now I find myself blogging about him and posting his website on facebook. Such is the talent. He has an eye for unique angles and dramatic light, and captures the details of surfing seen only by someone saturated in saltwater.

When not behind a still camera, he is shooting super 8 and high definition movies or creating mixed media paintings.  The future sure looks high key for this young man.  Check out his website or blog for more images.
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