Thursday, November 18

finally, a stylish camera bag

For a long time I have cursed the range of camera bags on the market; all straps and buckles and grunt. Garish and chunky, they don't accessorize well with a cotton summer dress, or anything other than hiking boots and cargo pants.  I have a sturdy Lowepro bag that serves as camera storage in the shed, and a plain black SLR cover for protection in the bike basket or boat, but have longed for a stylish bag to hold my kit.  Something that I can park next to my chair in a cafe; a bag that doesn't scream "check this out, I have an expensive camera in here."  My dear Canon has taken some serious beatings in the bottom of nylon totes, swinging dangerously from handlebars, and being bashed against water bottles, keys and surfboards.

It is made by Emera and available online.
When I get to Bali I am going to try and find Santa, sit on his knee and whisper sweet somethings into his ear about slipping one of these into my stocking.

Failing that, all donations to the Save Sally's Camera Fund gratefully accepted.
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