Tuesday, November 16

a home for the twiddlebugs

Tom has gone model making mad and up-scaled from match sticks to the leaflet spines from coconut fronds. He pulled apart my broken garden broom and meticulously measured and cut each stick to size, sticking them together with PVA wood glue. 

He says he is making a home for the Twiddlebugs that live in his hair.

I haven't heard a peep out of him for days.  He is in concentrated bliss with his structures. 
Sometimes I'm allowed to play too.  I'm a good helper.

There is the odd profanity when the onshore breeze blows a section over.
It is like a lab for cyclone testing the designs.

Hello mister, any comments from the studio?

This is a variation on the basic surf pod.  Lots of triangles coming together to make a very strong structure.  

Walls on each end are angled out, as the wall frame is a direct extension of the triangular legs.  This provides a larger eave and more shade without compromising the view.  

Twiddlebugs like a view.

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