Wednesday, November 10

peak moments

you may kiss the bride, photo louise snook
 As we do not have tv, radio, newspapers, junk mail, or a postal delivery, we need to find other ways to entertain ourselves.  Being recovering academics and lovers of language, we play lots of word games, such as scrabble, 9-letter wordsmith and pick a random page from the dictionary and test each other.  We make up interview question, hypothetical situations and lists, and through them learn new things about each other and get to know thyself.

Here's a fun one that will only take two minutes out of your day, and guaranteed to lift your spirits.  Brought to you by the inspirational writer Chris Guillebeau at The Art of Non Conformity.

A peak moment is a fixed point in time that has strong, positive memories. You summited a mountain, you crossed the finish line, you gave birth.  You achieved something monumental that will be forever etched in your memory.  Mine tend to come under the umbrellas of travel, education and relationships.

There are obvious moments like weddings, births and graduations, but pay attention to the smaller or more subtle peaks as well. Grab a pen, you have two minutes, your time starts now...
my first snowfall, nepal, 1998
stepping onto my first saharan sand dune, morocco, 1999
swimming in the holy ganges, varanasi, 1998
 When you look back on how far you've come in life, what are your peak moments and how can you get more of them? 

How much joy can you stand?

sunrise over mt everest, nepal, 1998
standing in the pond at the taj mahal, agra, 1998

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