Friday, November 12

seven days of colour : blue, option two

Were you wondering where blue factored into the seven days of colour?  I certainly was, as a large proportion of my wardrobe is shades of blue and I need at least one day to wear them.  In Thai tradition Friday is the day, ruled by Venus and the god Shukra, a middle-aged white dude of agreeable countenance.  He is described variously mounted on a camel, horse or crocodile, holding a stick, beads and a lotus, and sometimes a bow and arrow. 

Shukra represents love, romance and sexuality, artistic talents, the quality of the body and material life, wealth, the opposite sex, pleasure and reproduction, feminine qualities and the fine arts.  That's quite a portfolio. Those with Shukra strong in their charts (Libra = me) are likely to appreciate nature and enjoy harmonious relationships. However, an excessive influence can cause them to indulge too much in the pleasures of life without accomplishing much of real worth.  I knew there was some greater power running amok in my sphere. Some would say Shukra has been my right-hand man throughout adulthood.

Failure to wear blue and smile at Venus can cause eye diseases, venereal complaints, indigestion, pimples, impotency, loss of appetite and rashes on the skin. Nasty.
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