Friday, November 5

seven days of colour : white

mountain ducks, nepal

Friday is devoted to brighter shades of pale. White and light blue. 

bathing boxes, texel island, holland
Friday is the realm of Venus and Bhuvaneshwari Devi, who promises success, especially to women. Happiness permeates the day, friendship blossoms and effortless gains are natural. Friday is most suitable for the purchase of new vehicles and medical treatments of serious illness, which suggests that perhaps new cars have a placebo healing effect.   It is a day for purchasing jewellery, precious stones, ornaments and new houses. How the Hindu gods knew about retail therapy is beyond me?

My design style is predominantly white, with current favourites Dulux Antique White USA, and gallery white limewash.  I love to wear pale shades of cotton, but always hear my mum's voice saying "you shouldn't wear white" just as I spill something down my front.

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