Thursday, November 4

seven days of colour : yellow

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In Thai and Ayurvedic traditions, days of the week are associated with certain colours arising from Hindu mythology.  This can help you decide what to wear, eat and drink, and remind you which god you are supposed to be talking to on any given day.

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 I know it is not usual to start a week on Thursday, but I can't wait until Monday to share my seven days of colour. Like a little ray of sunshine, I bring you yellow. 

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter and the Hindu god Brhaspati - lord of prayer or devotion.

elephant temple, ubud, bali

Travelling is discouraged on Thursdays, however efforts to retrieve lost wealth and articles can be fortuitous. Thursday is an excellent day to join any educational institute or begin any academic pursuits; such activities should, however, be undertaken in the first half of the day.  Wearing yellow or cream clothes, displaying yellow  flowers at home, and eating lentils, papaya and rice with ghee may bring in good results.

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