Tuesday, November 9

treacle tuesday : nana naps

Our house is a free nap zone, and there are a number of surfaces on which one can recline depending on the angle of the sun, prevailing wind and activity of the non-sleeping partner.  As a child I detesting day sleeps, certain I would miss out on something wonderous and exciting.  The one and only time mum dropped me at a day care centre so she could do the Christmas shopping, I was disgusted when the mats came out after lunch and we were told to lay down.  What, and miss out on valuable finger painting time?  When mum came to pick me up, I made it clear I was never going back as they tried to make me sleep.   

These days I could sleep for Australia, and often think I am channeling a koala.  Sleep, eat green leaves, sleep.

Mum finds the term "nana nap" insulting and thinks it should be "poppa nap."  The nana in our household never takes the liberty of a siesta, while the poppa nods off halfway through lunch.

Wherever you are, I hope you have the luxury of a nana nap if sleepiness arises. Mimpi manis.

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