Sunday, November 14

we just want to be loved

I have to stop finding new blogs of wildly inspiring individuals that post prolifically with links to every corner of the sphere.  My head is fuzzy from scrolling, and I fluctuate between being motivated and totally overwhelmed.  The productivity of these super bloggers astounds me – style a shoot, launch a book, design a dress, teach a class, visit the farmer’s market, meet friends for coffee – all before lunch.  Do these people ever sleep?  

I am talking the likes of :
Natalie Walton at Daily Imprint
Carol Gillott from Paris Breakfasts
Victoria Smith, the sfgirlbybay
Chantelle Grady at Little Things
Katie Quinn Davies at What Katie Ate

by Katie Quinn Davies
I want some of what they are having.  It is obviously an internet connection faster than 1kbps.  Sometimes I wonder if a message in a bottle might be a better way to share my words and pictures.  The internet is at once at scanner’s nemesis and the ultimate tool.   I start off a session with enthusiasm and buzz, and then quickly spiral into a somber mood of frustration.  I want to read it all.  NOW. 

Then the computer runs out of batteries and I jump on my board for a paddle in the lagoon.  This is when I come into the present and remember that plenty of people dream of a tropical island holiday, a chance to escape the internet, deadlines, and the tyranny of busyness.   Then I smile and realize it is all a game, we just want to be loved.
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