Friday, December 31

100th post on new year's eve

I never planned to reach the milestone of my 100th Treacle post on the last day of the year, but here I am. The sun is setting somewhere beyond the thick humid mist shrouding Bali and there is tragic music rising up from the rooms below.  Beers and wine are flowing among the guests and I've popped some ice and lemon into a fine drop of bottled water.  A seafood banquet is being prepared by the staff with black rice pudding and coconut crepes for dessert.  My Year of Expansion is coming to a close and I am ready to welcome my Year of Aspiration Without Expectation

Happy new year to everyone. Thanks for joining me in the journey of this blog over the year.  Here's  cheers to 2011 and the first day of the rest of my life.  Peace is at every step.
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