Monday, December 20

muddy & moist

The rain is relentless. When it's not raining it is dripping from the trees.  The air is damp and cool, my hair is a wild mop of frizz and curl and I've had to drag my jacket from the bottom of the pack.  The perfect weather for catching up on blog posts, wandering the web and streaming live audio.  Having a fast internet connection is still a novelty and I find myself daydreaming and gazing off over the ocean waiting for things to load as would be the case back in our island home.  I have to crank my brain speed up to match the wireless.

Think I'll cozy up next to my vase of lotus, watch the snails make wet tracks across the deck and share some web love with the world.

The idea that someone has to be near a shop to buy something is so last century.  Here's a link to an Aussie website "Hard to Find", stockists of designer, handmade and unique products for the home, garden and body.  Many items have free shipping within Australia, even to the back of Bourke.
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