Tuesday, January 4

balangan beach

Between the airstrip and Bingin is Balangan Beach, a strip of white sand very popular with Euro snow bunnies flexing their surfing skills, photo snapping Javanese and day trippers from Kuta.  It is the very vision of impermanence. One king tide or cyclone swell and the whole lot will become flotsam.  As half of the building material seems to have originated from driftwood, it would be a fitting end.

When the developers destroyed Dreamland beach to the north and scraped the cliff into the ocean to make way for a glass pyramid karaoke bar, the warungs packed up and moved around the headland to Balangan. We visited on a drizzling onshore day so there was minimal tourist activity, but the sign ensured us they were "prepared for photo-photo".

And as they are also fond of saying : thank you for your come.
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