Monday, January 24

feast of saint roger

The Feast of Saint Roger of Todi was held on Saturday 22 January in the Year of Our Lord 2011. The celebration in homage to the Blessed Roger, a prodigy of Saint Francis of Assisi, took place in Piazza Beato Ruggiero in the neo-medieval walled hilltop village of Busselton al Mare.

Following the drinking of holy beverages and the breaking of bruschetta, cheese and olives, hardy souls made a short and pain free pilgrimage with eucharistic flare to the shores of the Sea of Geographe. Without any pomp, but with much ceremony and flag waving, four teams went to battle in ancient sports such as Throwing a Leg Over and Russelling of the Quoits. The festivities culminated in the Blessing of the Feet and dunking of the beer swilling, Blunstone wearing Roger in the holy waters of the bay. The assembled then shuffled in a reasonably organised way back to Piazza Beato Ruggiero for feasting, brotherhood and general merriment.

Thank you to the hosts Saint Franktic and Saint Frankophile, with special guest appearances from Saint Gianna and her miracle baby, and Saint Frankofski the horn blower. Roger that.

In reality, Roger was a foil for an Italian themed gathering of students and friends of the Buongiorno School of Italian. Wording for this post was inspired by the cleverly penned invitation from Ross.
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