Tuesday, January 11

gado gado

Gado-gado is one of Indonesia's finest culinary achievements, especially for vegans.  In its most basic form it consists of rice "cake" (rice boiled in a coconut leaf pouch to form a dense block), mung bean sprouts and green beans tossed in a peanut sauce.  The thick sauce is made from roasted peanuts, palm sugar, sea salt, chilli, fresh tamarind pulp and lime juice; pulverised with a flat mortar and hoof-life pestle.

More elaborate gado-gado may include tempeh, tofu, mixed steamed vegetables, boiled egg and krupuk crackers  No two bowls look or taste the same.  In the village of Pecatu, near Uluwatu, is a simple road side vendor that does a brisk day time trade.  A plate of gado-gado made to order is 5000rps (about 55c).  There are two plastic stools for dine-in or you can have it wrapped in a brown paper cone to take-away. 

 The gods aren't forgotten, with a tiny serving of gado-gado including in the daily offering. 

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