Sunday, January 16

gaya ceramics, ubud

Gaya Ceramic Design in Ubud design and produce exceptional handmade ceramic objects for its own ceramic collection as well as individualized product lines for international customers including Armani Casa, Bulgari Hotels, Amandara Resorts & Zara Home.  Throughout the year they offer a range of workshops and retreats, taught by leading ceramic artists from around the world, and every week Throwing Thursdays are an opportunity to learn the basics, and develop a serious clay fetish. 

The vocal potter inside me finally got a chance to get dirty and discover the sensual and challenging way of the wheel.  The delightful Hillary Kane gives mesmerising demonstrations, clear instruction and gentle encouragement, with personal attention for each participant.  Beneath her skillful hands the clay is transformed into myriad beautiful vessels with grace and ease.

Cone up, cone down, centre disc. Clay should now be centred and symmetrical, without any wobble - much easier than it looks.

Open clay, rake bake, pull up...

Whip out a kitchen full of cups before morning tea. 
Now it's my turn.

This started as a cup, evolved into a bowl, then an olive holder, and finally spun out of control and collapsed.  I think I've got a while to go before I host a dinner party with my hand made crockery.

I did eventually make a small bowl that held its form, and had an inspiring and wonderful time.
If the universe is listening I would like to go to the retreat "Finding Centre : Yoga & Clay" in July, to meld my newly released potter and inner yogi.

Thanks to  Louise Snook for taking my portrait.
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