Friday, February 18

the alaia's maiden voyage

A sleepover in Margs and a hot summer's day saw the Alaia make her maiden voyage at the rivermouth.  I think we were the only Australian's in the carpark, sandwiched between Wicked vans and french girls drinking tea and smoking ciggies. Why come to the other side of the world, park up at a beautiful coastal location and sit facing the toilet block?
Hey Aquaman...ya been out?
I had forgotten how non floatatious they are.  There weren't any decent waves to test her out on, so I just paddled around for a bit, got cold and got out.  

If the waves are good I'll be on my new Resin8 and the Alaia will be kept for a bit of fun.

I ask you, is floatatious a real word?

If you missed Tom shaping his Alaia, see this post.
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