Tuesday, February 15

any excuse to bake & bunt

What joy beholds me when I combine bake with sew, with the promise of photography and eating to follow.  In a flurry of creative flow I made this vegan chocolate cake and love heart bunting to celebrate Tom's dad's birthday on Valentine's Day.  I baked the cake a bit long - still getting used to the efficiency of a real oven - but the luscious chocolate frosting (silken tofu & melted dark vegan chocolate) was the perfect foil. Served with fresh macerated strawberries and strawberry and banana sorbet.  Is this love?

Styling an event gets me really excited, a chance to delve into the useful box and make frivolous single-use items. Pure creative play time. I printed up menus for the birthday bruschetteria, and cut out hearts from a potato to print the table runner.  A few flowers snipped from the garden, tea light candles in jars, a canopy of leafy wisteria and a balmy late summer evening. All you need is love...and cake and bunting.

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