Sunday, February 6

busselton jetty swim

What better way to celebrate the re-opening of our iconic jetty as send over 1300 people off into the choppy water on a windy summer's morning to swim around its length.  What began in 1996 as a few mates with  ample testosterone and time on their hands, has grown to a weekend long festival attracting swimmers and spectators from around the world. 

These two shags on a rock are part of the McAuliffe support team, cheering on mum/sister/niece as they battle it out with the stingers and wind chop.  Darcie (14 years) set off in the first wave of yellow caps; the fastest swimmers off the sand.

With the jetty now open after a complete rebuild, spectators can walk the length, looking down on the brave souls slogging it out below.  The total swim length is 3.6km - not bad for a Sunday morning before breakfast.

Throngs of spectators, Speedo clad swimmers, kids, dogs, clowns and commentary make for a atmosphere that flushes me with pride for my humble home town.  The eye candy and assortment of bathers coming down the finish chute adds to the entertainment.

Our two golden girls finished with commendable times, given the tough conditions.  Darcie once again flogged her mother, earning $3 per minute for her lead.  At $180/hr, this the best pay rate she can expect for a while.

Well done girls and to all of the competitors in this years Busselton Jetty Swim.

(My camera battery was flat so I had to use dad's snapper, hence the digital date print on some photos)
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