Monday, February 21

a rose by any other name

What could be more pleasant on a Monday morning, than to don a sun hat and poke around an expansive private garden sniffing the roses?  Stopping only to sip tea and admire the spread of biscuits, cakes and finger sandwiches.  The call of the melting moments was almost too much to stand.  

I was a guest of a local garden club at their monthly meeting; a gathering of around 80 women, all keenly exploring the feature garden like a peep of chickens.  Latin botanical names and gossip flew through the air.  Updates on children, husbands and hydrangeas.  Catastrophic weather events, heat and watering schedules. Dr Margaret Clema, a botanist and collector of rare and unusual plants, visited from Whistlepipe Gardens to address the group on "cunning ways in dry conditions."  A selection of seedlings were for sale, and Margy's talk set the gardeners into a shopping frenzy. I had my eye on a Burmese honeysuckle, but it went the way of the melting moment.

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