Monday, March 28

saturday club

Now that I'm too big for girl guides, and live a peripatetic life cultivating simplicity, I am no longer a member of any clubs or teams.  Except my marriage which is like a championship AFL side.  When Sarah from A Beach Cottage suggested the idea of a girly blog club revolving around Saturday's, photos, coffee, flower markets and tea dresses, my typing fingers were straight on the buzzer to join up.   There's no rules, just a "desire to embrace the value of down-time & find the good in life."  I think I am on my way to an honorary PhD in this field. 

Our first Saturday Club Mission was :

go out to a coffee shop
alone or with the one you love
& buy yourself your favourite beverage
take a newspaper
and take a seat
open your paper
sit a bit
relax a bit
read a bit
dream a bit
people watch a bit
imagine a bit
deep breathe a bit
but most of all
just sit and stop
and watch
and be a bit

Luckily, almost every day is like this, so I was pretty confident I could rise to the challenge.

Rode our bikes to the Community Garden for a coffee and to shoot more photos for their website.  Bought organic silverbeet and basil for our green smoothies, and eyed off the butterfly cakes. 

As non-drinking vegans, a big night out for us is a beach picnic with a shop bought tub of sorbet and a magazine each. Wild stuff. I baked a vegan quiche as a trial run for Mum to add to her family dinner repertoire.  It smelt like pizza and was suitably delicious.

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