Friday, March 25

together again

I broke my rule of never driving to Perth and back in one day, for the chance to spend time with two special friends. Sadly, these days it is rare for us to be in the same state, as Zoe now works for Lululemon in Melbourne, and I'm the fair weather friend that disappears to a remote island as soon as the mercury dips below 28 degrees.  

Every good Fremantle Sunday begins with coffee, and we joined the breakfast crowd at Ootong & Lincoln for our caffeine hit, before scoring a rock star car park at Cottesloe for the last weekend of Sculpture by the Sea. We weren't alone. Free public art with a sand and ocean combo was certainly a hit with masses of families, tourists and camera enthusiasts. 

Getting together with girlfriends involves lots of hugs, laughter, squealing, problem solving and a bit of gift giving.  I bought these little handmade ceramic cups for Zoe at Jenggala pottery in Bali;  they are not a miniature sculpture stolen from the beach.. The quilt below was made by my talented mother-in-law and gifted to Louise for her little baby bunting, due in October.

Traffic was the order of the day, and I was glad the crowds lapping the streets in search of a car park weren't following us to our lunch destination, the Raw Kitchen.  Don't tell the fish and chip mob about gourmet raw vegan food, they'll all want some. As it was, there was a three way spoon fight for the chocolate and berry "cheesecake."  All the tastier shared with dear friends. xx

More cafe photos soon over at Crema and Crumbs.

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