Tuesday, March 8

understory sculpture walk, northcliffe

Understory is an internationally renowned "art in nature" experience that has made stopping in Northcliffe worthwhile. Artworks are located along a 1.2km walk trail through native bush,  and each visitor is given an mp3 player loaded with a choice of artist's talks, music, poetry and prose; the former being an excellent insight into the sources of inspiration and methods of creation for the major pieces.  Over 50 local, Australian and overseas creatives have participated in the project since it was established in November 2006.  Each artist has spent time in Northcliffe developing ideas for a site-specific sculpture, and explored their relationship with nature and "spirit of place".  Some artworks are in a process of decay - ephemeral sculptures that evolve through their interaction with the harsh elements - while others will remain for generations.
Understory is managed by Southern Forest Arts, a not-for-profit cultural organisation, and the $11 adult entry fee is a worthwhile donation to support the growth and maintenance of the project.

Open Daily 9am - 4pm (last entry 3pm)

Located at the Northcliffe Information and Visitor Centre Northcliffe,Western Australia.

Artworks from top photo :
Kevin Draper Trailhead / Francois Davin Feeding
Cecile Williams Banksia Line
Lorenna Grant Whole, You Were Meant To Be Here
Nalda Searles Love Conquers All
Francois Davin Feeding
Lorenna Grant Whole, You Were Meant To Be HereTony Pankiw Cascading Shelter
Natalie Williamson Sundew
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