Wednesday, April 27

autumnal easter

Autumnal.  A beautiful, evocative word.  What do North Americans say to explain these cool, gentle days when leaves crunch underfoot and the sky is punctuated with gold, brown and auburn hues?  "Gee today is fall-like", or perhaps, "isn't it decidedly fall-ish?" 

Easter Sunday was our first definitively autumn day.  Heavy overnight rain dropped a confetti of leaves and the morning light was crisp and clear.  Softer than the harsh summer sun, with raking rays sneaking through the sparse tree canopy.  We ate toasted spelt hot-cross buns, drank tea and smiled.  I kicked about in the leaves; displaced them and then replaced them.  Ollie, the terrier, demonstrated his superb lap dog tendencies, while Ned joined me in leaf play. 

With our life of extended summers and tropical nights, it is joy to contrast the bikini clad days with hints of autumn.  The beauty of change. 

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