Wednesday, April 13

back in the love shack

Sorry for the blogging hiatus.  We have been to Perth, Three Springs, Dongara and back again, for the annual city and mid-west roundabout.  You'll hear about that soon. For now though, pull up a floor cushion and grab a mag; we are home.

After months of being in Australia with many an instance where I wanted to run back to our simple island life, we have moved back into the Love Shack and feel like we are really home.  Ironic really, when we are leaving again in just over two weeks. Rearranging the shed, so we can pack the furniture away for the next tenant, I wonder if there will a time when I unpack the tea cups, vases and linen for an extended homebody stint. Landing and leaving so often makes us regularly assess what we own, what we hang on to, and what we treasure. 

Now my days are complete with mulching, pruning, planting and drinking chai in the morning sun, while Tom has strapped on the nail-bag and emptied the cobwebs from his work boots to insulate and line the studio for its incarnation as a bedroom. 
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