Wednesday, April 20

garden week

There has been one decent autumn rain with more on the way, and the days are warm and sunny,  so in our short time in the Love Shack, I have my boots and gloves on, digging, planting and mulching.  I start the session with a cup of tea on the deck, peruse the zone and ask the plants where they would like to live. 

Our garden is a tough place to thrive.  Sandy, gutless soil, rampant couch grass, extended dry conditions and long periods without supervision.  We have opted for a tough, low maintenance native garden, combined with fruit and citrus trees, olives, avocados and herbs. 

There is so much latent garden potential  at our weekend farmer's market, and I spent all of my pocket money on grevilleas. The others were purchased at the Balingup Small Farm Field Day; a fantastic day out each April where you can pat an alpaca, coo over a new born miniature horse, order solar panels, buy a knitted beanie, and taste local produce.  That's if you can get away from the plant stalls, mobile coffee vans and Devonshire tea.

Today's planting schedule was : red kangaroo paw, grevillea "sea spray", grevillea "Gingin gem", eucalyptus "silver princess" & eucalyptus "illyarrie".

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