Friday, April 22

a very good friday

Our third day of gyprocking the studio in preparation for the tenant. In between my job as chief  gyprock sheet holder, I dug holes, planted more natives and spread stinky sheep manure. This vigorous cross-training program was halted mid-morning for a spelt chocolate hot cross bun and chai on the deck.  Just warming up for Easter.

With two sheets left to finish the job, the foreman ran out of screws and I was given a leave pass to pursue other creative endeavors.  I have been asked to photograph the Millhouse range of products produced by the owner of Cape Kitchen, and design them a new brochure. Here's a sneak preview from the shoot I did this afternoon.  Honey, olive oil and dukkah with stylist's own props (he, he, I've always wanted to say that).  Scones from the mumma's oven and fresh olives from our garden. Tom the tool man came sniffing around to clean up the set.

A beach walk, invigorating dip and sunset on the deck with a few pages of Gourmet Traveller brought the day to a close.  A good and great Friday.  A happy and safe Easter weekend to all.

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