Monday, June 13

bridal train

There I was, sitting nonchalantly on the deck, when the Prince's secretary called me in a fit of despair. McQueen had run out of time to make the veil for Catherine, and he heard that I might have a few meters of mosquito netting on hand that could suffice at such late notice.  

Sadly, I had to decline, as I was already in the heat of a last minute rush to make new mosquito nets for the Sugar Shack in Indonesia.  I promised myself I would do them as soon as I got home in January; that I wouldn't leave them to the last day before leaving, and what did I do?  All of our furniture was packed, which left an open floor space for cutting the eight meter lengths of netting, but I had to sew standing up at the island bench.  Six hours of this and I was lopsided, hunched and pooped. Unlike me, old Elna didn't miss a beat.

Total cost for netting and ribbon...$85 from spotlight.  
Malaria protection...priceless.
Sorry Kate. Next time.
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