Saturday, June 11

volleys reborn

image from volley
An Aussie icon, the footwear of a nation; reliable, unassuming and cheap.  Or so I thought.  Volley have re-released the classics for a new generation, and the price reflects the current popularity and demand for all things retro. The prototype for the first Volleys arrived on our shores from the US; brought home by an Aussie tennis player who lost his sneakers and had to borrow a pair of yacht shoes from a spectator.  He was so impressed he took them to the Dunlop Factory where they began pumping out the simple shoes that have scuffed a thousand courts, footpaths and white lounges.

image from volley

The 1959 Volley OC (pictured above, and my personal desire) retail for $80, the 1965 Volley SS are a cool $120, and the famous 1975 Volley International is still the budget option for $35. Buy a piece of the action online, or if you are like my father-in-law, you never strayed and the well worn Internationals are at the back door. 

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