Monday, August 22

mick's place in bingin

I never tire of the view from the cliff top at Mick's Place, and it is a pleasure to take on the job as relief manager for a week while Sasha and Mick take an overdue holiday together.  The infinity edge pool is just the spot to watch the shenanigans in the line-up below while sipping a pineapple infused green smoothie. 

The staff arrive at 7.00am and set out coffee and tea in the pool side pondok.  Early mornings are quiet as guests take their time to emerge from their bungalows and greet another day of their holiday. With a maximum of 12 guests, it is a social and convivial atmosphere.  For ultimate privacy, book into the honeymoon suite and float naked in your private cliff edge pool.  My abode is Mick's personal bungalow to the rear of the hotel, which has a shady courtyard and lush grass underfoot. The hotel has a small day spa that is open to outside guests, so if you are in the Bingin area, be sure to treat yourself to one of the best massages in Bali with the sound of the waves thundering below.

More photos of Mick's Place here and here.
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