Tuesday, December 27

christmas brunch

Freshly brewed coffee, Yallingup woodfired sourdough toast, avocado, tofo scramble, fig jam, family love and deep garden shade.  That's what Christmas mornings are made of.  With a common desire for sensible indulgence and vegan fare, we celebrated the joy of being together with a casual brunch in the front yard at McAuliffe's, under the shade of the acer tree. 

I admit to being deeply effected by the glossy pages of styled Christmas events, with their effortless glam, luxury organic decorations, linen, silver and outdoor chandeliers. Every December I swoon over the pages of Australian Country Style and Inside Out, and imagine recreating the scene, only to realize it is December 23rd and nothing is organised.  My family think I'm bonkers, however they are happy to indulge my decorating whims, as I stencil and staple, all the while singing carols with inappropriate winter lyrics. Tom lovingly agreed to partake in the the festive activity of cutting out stars, and followed instructions to tie them onto designated branches.  Ahh the spirit of Christmas, how I love thee.

I hope you all had a wonderful day bursting with love, gratitude and peace; and as much or as little tinsel as your heart desired.
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