Friday, January 27

the jetty experience

Heading toward the hottest January on record and we are loving it. As proponents of an endless summer, we are seasonally adjusted and relish the hot days sliding into warm nights.  Wearing a bikini from dawn till dark is my idea of an uncomplicated wardrobe. 

The jetty is at the heart of beach life in Busselton, and is our premier tourist attraction.  After undergoing a major refurbishment programme, the longest wooden pile jetty in the southern hemisphere reopened in February 2011, and the past year as seen over 60,000 visitors ride the toy train to the Underwater Observatory, while hoards more walk seaward with kids, buckets, rods and smiles.  Jetty jumping is almost an official summer activity, a rite of passage for local kids (including yours truly, who would once back flip off the rails and now prefers to photograph others).  A walk along the jetty at sunset is an iconic Busselton experience, to be repeated at least once every summer, even if you don't aspire to fish or jump.

Whatever you do, don't call it a pier.

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