Wednesday, January 11

summer bounty

Here she goes again, posting photos of fruit and veg. If only you knew how excited I am to come back to these juicy morsels, and the thrill that grated beetroot can bring to one's day. Plus there is the prospect of a chocolate and beetroot cake for afternoon tea. 

As our love shack is rented out we are spending the summer camped in the unfurnished family homestead where I spent my formative years.  We brought the essentials out of storage and enjoy living in a vast minimalist space.  Two forks, two spoons, two plates, two bowls, the blender, food processor, kettle and fridge satisfy most of our daily needs. A couple of my favourite trio tea sets also snuck in for the daily chai ritual.  Being outdoor creatures and unaccustomed to rooms with walls, we sleep on the verandah with a mattress and mosquito net and wake to the crooning of bronze winged pidgeons and crying baby magpies.

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