Monday, February 27

i'm back and i'm mac

I have been distracted. This little baby took up all of my brain scanning for three weeks; move to Mac or stay PC? Pro or Air? I read almost every review, forum and debate on the web and flagellated between decisions daily. 

When I made the final decision and walked into David Jones to stroke the 13 inch MacBook Pro, I was met with an undercover Sony rep who tried to convince me to stay with PC. "Why do you want to get a Mac, I can offer you this bla bla bla Sony". Look Mister, if you knew how many times I had asked myself that question to finally come to the point of wanting to had over my cash for a sexy silver bit of computer crumpet you will walk away swiftly and quietly. Back over to your ugly Sony.

So I introduce you to Banjo Mac and promise many hundreds of words and pictures from his heart. 

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