Tuesday, March 13

after the fire

It is four months since the bush fire devastated coastal heath and bushland around Prevelly and Margaret River. Sensitive dune vegetation was razed and over 30 homes were destroyed, including the historic Wallcliffe House.  The area around Gnarabup is still a stark monocramatic landscape, however further inland the bush has begun to regenerate despite a lack of rain.  For many species, fire is a catalyst for regeneration; in particular balga or grass trees (xanthorrhoea preissii) are renowned for their ability to withstand fire, and respond with accelerated leaf and flower production.  The regrowth of dune vegetation should be stimulated by winter rain if the thin crust of soil remains undisturbed. The White Elephant beach cafe was spared from the flames and they are still serving up a cracking coffee with ocean views.  No fire can take that away.  

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