Tuesday, March 20


Aquaman got his hands on the camera, and now I have no doubt as to where his focus lies.  I love the essence of summer this shot captures.  Sand and salt water under a vast blue sky. 

Today is the first cloudy day in almost a month, and so I am not as amped this afternoon to get my kit off at the beach.  A bit of inside time with Banjo Mac and a cuppa is my current groove. We fulfilled our morning ritual of a walk and swim, followed up with a thermos of chai on the beach (it did after all drop below 20 degrees). Tomorrow should be a return to the conditions for which I am acclimatised. 

Thanks to the ever spunky Fliss over at Udder for a sunshine award.  It's one of the things we bloggers do to spread the online ultraviolet love.  In response I am to answer a few questions and pass on the award to five people that radiate their own sunshine. So as instructed, here is some useless info about me :

favourite colour : fire engine red & Australian turquoise (ok that is two)
favourite animal : koala - vegan, cute and can sleep for 20 hours straight. I like to channel their mojo. 
favourite drink : green smoothie with a soy latte chaser
facebook or twitter : I'm still with the email movement, really don't get the twitter bizzo
favourite flower : fragrant frangipanis
favourite pattern : graphic cherry blossom
giving or receiving gifts : giving on non significant days
favourite number : 8
passions : nature, inner peace, awareness, words, photography, sun, vegan baking, simplicity, ocean, love

I send the solar flare to these clever ladies :

Michele at elephant ceramics
Olga at olga bennett
Christine at christine clemmensen
Mary at l'antipodeuse
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