Monday, June 4

nirarta retreat centre, bali

Prior to returning home to our beach house in eastern Indonesia, I paused in Bali for a few joyous days to reunite with a friend. After the usual delights of vegan feasting in Ubud we ventured to new territory in the east. With regular visits to the island, it is a pleasure to explore new destinations and experience Bali beyond the heinous traffic and visual storm of the Bukit. Zoe and I spent two peaceful nights at the Nirarta Retreat Centre in Sideman, Gianyar, our days an undemanding flow of meditation, sleeping, walking to nearby villages, eating wholesome food and swimming in the river.  I think we achieved the vision of the founders to "unfold with the pattern of life". If your dreams of Bali are verdant hills, views of the revered Gunung Agung, terraced rice padi, and clear streams, I highly recommend Nirarta for a restorative getaway.  

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