Sunday, August 12

carla and I

venice mirror
The blogosphere is at once staggering large and yet intimate and congenial. Once a web is woven, it can create a lasting connection, providing support, friendship and motivation. Or I can allow it to induce unhelpful thinking and become disheartened by comparing myself to others, or by over-analysing blogger statistics.  We all have the power to decide what we focus our attention on, and so I try to remain goal-free and true to the process of creativity.  It is about the joy of sharing my words and pictures, with the confidence and belief that I am enough, I have enough, I blog enough. Why should an arbitrary number of hits, followers or subscribers indicate that someone has "made it"?  Where exactly is it you want to go, and aren't you already there?  

Carla Coulson is an Aussie photographer that I admire greatly - I mean, seriously, she shoots what she loves, she produces beautiful books, she lives in Paris and is married to an Italian architect....and yet somehow she finds time to comment on others' posts in the midst of her own prolific online presence.  Before I went to Italy I poured over every page of her book Italian Joy, and I have palpitations every time I open Paris Tango.  I am chuffed to be mentioned on her latest post,  homegrown Aussie talent, and to have my name on the same page as Natalie Walton and Paul Westlake.  Little ol' me, blogging in the shade of a coconut tree in the back of beyond, connected to the real world through a tiny dongle and a red and white tower. 
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