Thursday, September 13

a flower a day

Parks, trees and green belts are very limited in Venice, which is not surprising since it is virtually floating on salt water.  There aren't many trees that like salty feet, and space is at a premium between canals and cement, but small cloistered gardens exist between rows of townhouses, offering a glimpse of green from a nearby balcony or bell tower.  A glance upwards on any street is rewarded with a cascade of flowers which add cheery summer colour to the pastel facades.  I came home inspired to build flower boxes from driftwood and fill them with tropical blooms that could be safely hung out of goat's range. I built the boxes, then ran out of mojo.  

The colour they add to the buildings so drab
brings a warm splash of welcome relief.
It's something worthwhile for the sun to shine on, 
a reason to radiate heat,
well, that small window box, it puts a skip in my feet
four floors below on the street.

The Waifs

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