Friday, September 7

gondolas only

Let's get this out of the way. Gondolas are the indisputable icon of Venice, and herds of tourists snap cliched photos at arm's length as they rush around on their the city tour.  Watching them is almost as entertaining as the gondolas themselves, and I am thankful I don't have to sit through their protracted slide shows.  We were forbidden to present images of gondolas in our photography workshop, however they are beautiful, romantic, and enchanting, and I couldn't resist the challenge to capture them in a less prosaic manner. 

The gondoliers don't sing lilting love songs as I had imagined, but often chat on their mobile phones with an ennui bred of familiarity.  If you want a serenade you need to hire a singer, and is is common to see flotillas of Japanese tourists moving like trout through the canals, to the sway of That's Amore.  Being without my lover (and a tight arse) the closest I got to a gondola was the 50 cent ride across the Grand Canal in the unadorned traghetto. O sole mio.

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